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The description of Gacha Studio

An application for children in which you can create your own anime character, as well as create your own comic or a mini animated cartoon. And also participate in battles with other characters.

Gameplay 4,5/5

When loading the game, after the start screen, you are offered to create 6 different characters to choose from. Characters can be customized by changing shapes, hair, facial features, clothing, accessories, weapons, capes, animals, and more. When you finish customizing your character, you can install it into the scene. In scenes, you can set the background and even prescribe dialogs.

In addition, you can participate in fights in the arena. Arena provides 3 types of battles: auto, element, skill.

Auto-battle is the simplest, nothing needs to be pressed, battles take place automatically. Element - this arena is a rock-paper-scissors battle. Only instead of the usual stone-paper-scissors, there are elements of foliage-fire-water. Arena skill - checks your skills and reflexes. Opponents are twice as strong, but you are able to resist and repel attacks. In the arena, you get gems and tickets. You can buy pets for these gems and tickets. Health points and attack points of the character and pet are combined and pumped in the arena. Therefore, even pets with the first level can compete in the arena.

Controls 4/5

Control in the battle is almost not required. During the battles in the Arena of Elements, 3 main buttons indicating the elements are displayed on the screen. Arena Skill- at the bottom of the screen is a large button “Dodge”. The main menu of character creation Filled with functionality: the character customization buttons are located on the right, the movement buttons between the main functions of the game are located on the left side.

Replay value 3,5/5

The game lasts until the moment when the player collects all pets and does not open all the characters. If the player likes to create comics and mini-animations, then the application can be used until it becomes boring.

Graphics 3/5

The graphics in the application is not very good. Characters and their customization are drawn, but not everyone can like the anime style. The background for scenes is well drawn, as well as the screensavers before arena battles.

Sound 3/5

The game has music, as well as sound effects brawl. But the downside is that the sounds crack. Sometimes the difference between sound effects and music is too strong, which negatively affects a comfortable game.



Not a bad game for anime lovers. Rather easy to manage the game. Inside the game, there are microtransactions for the purchase of gems and tickets for real money. Although it is possible to play without additional infusions. Timekiller average degree of fascination and interestingness. This game is not suitable for a wide range of people. There is no plot in this game, so the Player entertains himself independently. There is no multiplayer in the game, so the player can only play in solo mode.

Professional Critic
Ana Gotter

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Gacha Studio

4 / 5
Latest Version: 1.0.0
Publish Date: 2017-05-05
Size: 50.8 MB

What's new

- New accessories, clothes, hats, weapons, and capes have been added.
- Arena opponents updated
- Bug Fixes

Gacha Studio history

Version: 1.0.0 for Android 4.0+ - Latest Version!
Update on: 2017-05-05
Signature: 15cbd29a53202707e766dbb5ecdbeb62a88d75d0
APK File SHA1: 91be2b7a58817de526a8780793ab79010b6937d5
Version: 0.9.2 for Android 4.0+
Update on: 2017-04-25
Signature: 15cbd29a53202707e766dbb5ecdbeb62a88d75d0
APK File SHA1: ed0649acbd1910e7fc12d402d224be5811f4672b
Version: 0.9.0 for Android 4.0+
Update on: 2017-04-22
Signature: 15cbd29a53202707e766dbb5ecdbeb62a88d75d0
APK File SHA1: 4b421d9620f43adedc5c56b3315d49e72bb38223

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