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The description of Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a life simulator based on gacha mechanics, with infinite options of customizing your characters. Customization options are the key features, making it the paradise for dress up fans.

Gameplay 5/5

Gacha Life features several modes of playing, sharing some of them with other Gacha projects by Lunime. Dress Up is the selection of clothes and appearances for your characters. Any of them can be used as your avatar. The next stage is making scenes with your characters in Studio Mode. Now your gacha mannequins become actors and play the roles you prepare for them, posing the way you tell, saying the words you write. Your own pocket anime theatre!

To unlock all the features, you’ll need gems that can be bought or received as a reward in mini-games. You’ll probably need some, because, as you explore the studio, you may find out you need a larger weaponry. Along with items you have to use, you can buy gachas, boxes with random content you may need to play your scenes.
Finally, there is life simulation, leading the life you’d like to love, socializing, communicating, exchanging gifts and even building relationships with other Gacha personalities.

Controls 5/5

Like in other Gacha games by Lunime, this game is all about tapping, no gestures or combinations. Even to move a character on the scene you need to tap the exact location. It seems hard first, but then I got used to it and could position the characters right.

Replay Value 5/5

It’s a kind of playing virtual dolls, but this time the dolls are very flexible and sociable. The NPCs and the gachas add some randomness. The studio of Gacha Life seemed to me even richer than that of Gacha Studio, though both are great.

Graphics 5/5

It’s not about the animation you have already prepared; it’s up to you to make sure the characters fit their clothes, poses, gestures, expressions, and words. You can create great skits and scenes with Gacha Life, and they will look funny, romantic, heroic, casual – like you want them to.

Sound 4/5

It lacks a bit of good mixing, as the themes are looped quite roughly. But the rest is fun; the music is diverse, from house to jazz, and you can always find the right theme. Though I’d like to add my own themes for some scenes.


Though it’s called Gacha Life, there is even a better studio than in Gacha Studio. As for me, it’s a creative sandbox rather than a game, but it contains the story with the NPCs and some pretty funny mini-games for winning gems.



Gacha Life is the anime-styled analog of the notebooks some schoolchildren used to have before the digital era. Girls draw princesses and fairies, boys create knights and superheroes, and everyone draws magic upon imagination. Gacha Life is the perfect scene for playing these stories, with clothes and scenery of choice, and your imagination the director.

Professional Critic
Sean Williams

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Gacha Life

5 / 5
Author: Lunime
Latest Version: 1.0.9
Publish Date: 2019-05-17
Size: 99M

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