"Backpacker". 1 million downloads!


Enjoy the game about travelling all around the Globe. Make the Earth revolve faster!

On the 1st of February in Stockholm, Sweden, Developer and publisher MAG Interactive announced that “Backpacker” - globetrotting game, relea...

Swim Out – Fantastical Logical Puzzle


Lozange Lab published one of the loveliest puzzle games of the last year. Though it’s not free and costs $2.99, if you are a fan of quality and well-designed puzzle games, you should check it out.

Swim Out is a step-by-step puzzler...

'My Tamagotchi Forever': Bandai Namco brings beloved virtual pets for their 20th birthday


We miss the 90s for loads of things, Dendy and Sega consoles, Santa Claus’s presents on Christmas, grandma’s apple pie, t-shirts with Leonardo DiCaprio’s face and so many other nostalgic moments. And definitely, we have...

Lords Mobile Is Coming to Steam


One of the most popular mobile strategies is coming to PC. It’s quite unusual, because usually it goes the other way, and PC or console hits go mobile. Lords turned out to be Mobile enough for such an unexpected migration. Its phenomenon is...