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The description of Minecraft

Minecraft is a survival adventure and a creative sandbox at the same time, the game where you can be either a Robinson Crusoe or a Le Corbusier.

Gameplay 5/5

Minecraft has various modes of playing, and the first you’re offered is survival. You find yourself in a wild place, with trees, sand, and grass around, and you need to survive. You’ll need tools and weapons, and the only way is to craft them yourself. Materials are everywhere; they’re cubic shaped and easy to get, unless they’re rare.

First, you enjoy the benefit of hints; then you’re on your own, building yourself a place to hide from predators for the night. The more you’re into crafting, the sooner you will civilize this wild place. Another mode of playing, even more popular, is sandbox, a sort of God mode. It offers unlimited resources and leaves everything to your creativity. Build mountains and seas, skyscrapers and castles, real or fictional famous places!

Any of these modes support multiplayer. The first version challenges a group of strangers on the island; the second turns you into a builders’ team.

Controls 4/5

Games like this aren’t meant to be easy, and it affects controls as well. When it comes to building, it recreates features of constructing in real life. Approach the object, position your brick right, mind the gravity, and so on. But that’s why the result fills you with joy, once it’s finished and you can share it.

Replay Value 5/5

Minecraft is the digital analogue of LEGO, the most popular physical construction game. You can build almost anything in the world of Minecraft, using its materials and crafting the derivatives. Survival has unlimited potential, too.

Graphics 5/5

It would have been 3 out of 5 if I were to rate it right after its first release. Frankly speaking, back then I would consider it too primitive. But since it has become a cult in these years, it’s not to be underrated. This recognizable visual style that has become a meme and a base for lots of memes deserves the best.

Sound 5/5

The soundtrack of Minecraft has become just as much of a cult, and its author C418 is still harvesting its crops. This ambient, mindful music is a good accompaniment to the building process, and it enhances the ambience of the process.


Now we cannot pretend that there hasn’t been that huge success to rate Minecraft “objectively”. It’s more than a game: it’s a cultural phenomenon, proving that collaboration and construction can be even more attractive as destruction and rivalry. Minecraft is now better known as a sandbox than as a survival game; this gives peace a chance.​



If you don’t mind its slow pace and deliberately pixelized visuals, and if you like sophisticated puzzles and modelling in real life, Minecraft is the best virtual sandbox for you. Its survival mode is attractive too, but it’s the sandbox that promotes Minecraft to an art. It’s quite respectable now to have a hobby of creating landscapes, cities or fantastic places out of these virtual cubes, and that’s great.

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Karrie Hawkes

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