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The description of Roblox

Roblox is a unified platform that combines a game engine and a social network. You can both play games and create your own, as well as rate, comment, or recommend the ones you select. Install Roblox to access this great library of independent games!

Gameplay 5/5

Open Roblox to see the world of games you may like!  First of all, it shows you the most popular and best-rated games (mostly coinciding). The list contains adventure games, simulators of life or some activity, action or stealth adventures, 3D puzzles, arcades, quests and other sorts of games created by millions of independent developers.
Unified is your character as well. Your avatar and username are the same throughout all the Roblox games.

Succeeding in games brings you rewards you can use for unlocking other games if you’re stuck. It also has social features: you can rate a game after playing it for a while or recommend it to another Roblox user. The platform is basically free, but you can spend some bucks on Robux and use this in-game currency to unlock items inside certain games or to buy extras for your avatar.

Controls 5/5

Roblox engine offers unified controls that may seem familiar to you; it’s the transparent joystick in the left lower corner, a camera movement area in the right, and unified buttons for standard actions (like jumping, interacting, and so on). It’s great when you don’t have to get used to the new system for any new game.

Replay Value 5/5

We’re sure your entire life isn’t enough to try all the games featured on Roblox. So stick to some you like the best from the first sight, and if you get disappointed, switch to something else; Roblox is never out of premieres.

Graphics 4/5

Not that it’s as cubic as Minecraft, but there’s a reason for “blox” in the name. The design of anything is blocky, simplified and almost primitive. That’s the price for the benefits of the common engine. Still, talented designers can create masterpieces even with this limited toolbox.

Sound 4/5

The same thing as with graphics. Sounds are mostly primitive, but these tools can be used wisely, and then we get something mostly nostalgic, but good.


Roblox is a gaming universe of its own, with its rules, its own stars, its own hits, and an easy way to join the developers’ community. If you don’t judge the book by the cover, and do want to explore more of independent ideas, you’re welcome on Roblox.



If you get touched by Roblox, you’ll be almost impossible to pull out of this world. Indie games are made in industrial numbers, and some of them become masterpieces. Roblox is that primordial soup for new lifeforms to appear, and, despite rough looks and too much in common with other games, you’re witnessing the act of creation or even contributing when you’re playing.

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Sean Williams

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5 / 5
Author: ROBLOX Corporation
Latest Version: 2.383.299732
Publish Date: 2019-05-17
Size: 92M

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