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Play as a small animal, eat food and drink water, grow in size. Change your animals to bigger ones and compete with other players around the world. Be the first on the server and the biggest beast, eat, drink water, fight with others and do not allow anyone to eat yourself.

Gameplay 4/5

The game copies the famous game Control a small round animal that needs to eat and drink water. With each piece of food eaten, the animal grows in size, it accumulates exp. After reaching the maximum level of exp, the indicator is updated, and you are invited to change the animal to another, larger size. On the map, there are several natural areas: ice spaces, tropics and water world. The peculiarity is that animals from the tropics cannot eat on the territory of ice expanses and vice versa.

As in the game, small animals cannot eat food larger than themselves. Also, you must avoid other players that are larger than themselves. Because they can eat you or noticeably reduce your stock of health if you are the same in size. When you become the biggest beast on the server, you are offered to choose one of the legendary animals. For example, the dragon. You, as the one who occupies the first place of the server top, become the boss, and the other participants face the task of moving you away from the first place.

Controls 3,5/5

The control of the characters is done with one finger. By moving your finger on the touch screen, you can set the direction of movement of the character. In addition, some animals have special features like flight, dive, acceleration, and others. Acceleration allows you to strike opponents. Absorption of food, water, opponents smaller size occurs automatically. Control of the character is somewhat delayed by the movements of the finger. And sometimes the animal spins uncontrollably under a finger in different directions.

Replay value 5\5

This game can be replayed many times. Because the rounds are quite short. It all depends on the players on the server. Online of this game is quite high, depending on the region, it varies from 1,700 to 2,000 people. Therefore, there are always people with whom you can play.

Graphics 2,5/5

2D graphics of the game is simple and uncommon. Completely redrawing the idea of was an interesting addition to natural zones for certain species of creatures. But what can be said for sure that in the execution of this idea by one person, the idea, development, and design are excellent.

Sound 2/5

There is no music inside the game, as well as sound effects. Therefore, if you want to entertain yourself with music, you can put your own. Although some will find this solution convenient enough to just play in silence. Maybe if the developer does not abandon the game in the upcoming updates, additional sound effects will appear.



Good timekiller. If you like, but are tired of its minimalistic look, you can play at I will not say that such a game can carry away for a long time, but it will be interesting for you to play a couple of rounds. In the game there is no moderation by nicknames, so nicknames are possible with offensive words.

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Ana Gotter

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