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The description of Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a first-person adventure, where the protagonist explores the house of a mysterious neighbor, avoiding direct contact. It’s a mix of a stealth game, a quest, and a puzzle, with an innovative learning AI.

Gameplay 5/5

You are the boy living in a house on the street. Once you see your neighbor acting too strange and suspicious, and you see there is something strange in his house. Of course, you want to know what it is, but the neighbor doesn’t welcome visitors. So you need to steal in and explore the house, not letting the neighbor see you.

There are multiple acts in the game, and each new act is stranger and more complicated than the previous. The overall story is quite illogical and bizarre, but that was the initial setting.

Most items in the house are interactive, and you can use them to unlock doors or to find more keys and clues. It’s okay if you get stuck and google the walkthrough: most players do.

The most innovative part of the game is a learning AI that analyzes your actions and tries to prevent them the next time. You’ll probably run into traps if you try the same way twice. So you’ll need to improvise and search for new routes. And that’s another innovation that made the core of the cult.

Controls 5/5

The best way to act when you’re making a game of an established genre is not to reinvent the wheel. The controls of Hello Neighbor fit greatly; it’s the layout used many times before this game, and it seems familiar from the very beginning.

Replay Value 5/5

What makes this game replayable is the learning AI. You’ll have to invent new ways to act, knowing that where you went once you can’t go twice. If you feel stuck after several attempts, you can just reinstall the game and reset the AI, but it’s the last measure to take.

Graphics 5/5

The game doesn’t even pretend to be realistic. It rather mimics some horror or parody cartoon, with everything hypertrophied to the most absurd. Yet it’s a decent 3D, and the objects are well drawn, and the textures don’t let you through. And, last but not least, the game has its distinct visual style.

Sound 5/5

The sounds are edited and mastered quite well. It’s especially well heard with your best headphones on; quality matters. If out them on right: you’ll need the proper stereo to hear the neighbour approach.

Conclusion 5/5

Hello Neighbor is an illogical mystical game made with rich fantasy and an unusual self-educating AI. More replayable and more exquisite than most analogues, it has given birth to a minor cult. No surprise if soon we see a Hello Neighbor movie.



Hello Neighbor is a highly popular adventure, with online mode to be introduced soon. So far it still often makes you google the way through, but it’s great if you solve some mysteries by yourself. If you like adventures and stealth games, and you don’t mind its slow pace, download Hello Neighbor, and you’ll surely enjoy it.

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Ana Gotter

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Hello Neighbor

5 / 5
Author: tinyBuild
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: 2018-11-22
Size: 38M

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