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The description of PUBG MOBILE

PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer online action game where you’re fighting against everyone on an isolated island, and only one stays alive. This game codified the genre now known as Battle Royale, and still remains among the best in it.

Gameplay 5/5

Battle Royale is quite a hermetic genre. The party of 100 players is deployed on an island where each one should pick weapons from lootboxes and kill the others, trying to stay alive. Hide and run, pursue and lurk, do all you consider necessary.

Each of the four islands is large, but, as the time runs out, it gets covered by a deadly storm. It drives all the survivors to a small eye where the final showdown is inevitable. To outrun the front, you can use a vehicle if you find one around, and move away by ground, water, or air.

There are various modes in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, including quick matches, daily quests, solo, duo, or team playing. Keeping the essence, any of these modes adds diversity to details.

The developers pay extra attention to anti-cheat systems, as one of the best things about PUBG is its policy of fair and equal play. There’s even more: one cannot buy better weapons, protection, or stats, or any real advantage, so it’s all about skills.

Controls 5/5

If you only use touch controls, you’ll find the control layout familiar. Your character is controlled by a virtual joystick in the left lower corner, camera control area in the right, and some semitransparent buttons for jumping, laying down, shooting or aiming. But there’s more: PUBG pushed up the whole class of Bluetooth gamepads for Android devices, meant first of all for Battle Royale games. You can buy one on eBay for about $15, and it will change the experience completely.

Replay Value 5/5

Battle Royale is a cybersport at its purest, with fair competition atop of it all. It’s the game where success is brought by skill and some luck, and cannot be bought for money or gained by endless grinding repetitions. So if you like it first, chances are you’re here for long.

Graphics 5/5

When it comes to large projects like PUBG, we must put up with some arcadeness in visuals, getting it faster in return. Yet the environment is interactive, the movements of the characters are realistic, and the weapons look fantastically cool. The over-the-shoulder view is the default, switching to the first person while aiming, but FPV is an option too.

Sound 5/5

As you need to detect what’s around, the sound is extremely important. Distant footsteps or shooting can tell you a lot. So you better put your headphones on; even if your phone or tablet has stereo speakers, they won’t provide the same ambience.


PUBG is a straight to the core Battle Royale experience, drawn upon the very essence of the idea, with a fast pace, good visuals, and solid action. BR is the market where success is about being the first (well, at least about reaching Top 5), and PUBG offers fast response, large map, and a crowd of players always ready to join.



If you like action games online, PUBG is one of the primary options. It can be played casually or become an obsession, being equally great at both. It offers no building (that has become the essential part of its major rival, Fortnite), but the rest of the game is made well.

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Karrie Hawkes

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5 / 5
Author: Tencent Games
Latest Version: 0.9.0
Publish Date: 2018-11-22
Size: 39M

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