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The Description of Grand Theft Auto V

Everyone’s favorite classic, Grand Theft Auto V was released for the new generation of consoles in 2014 and has been an astonishing gaming experience ever since then. It took Rockstar Games a full year to upgrade the game, but the result is fascinating. The graphics and controls are improved to the next level, making the most of what PS4 and Xbox One have to offer.

There’s a first-person mode and online game options added, and some unique quests and witty remarks from well-known characters alongside with a huge pile of new content mark another success of GTA series.

Gameplay 4.5/5

The gameplay remains perfect with a few major upgrades to enhance the experience. There are about 30 hours of in-game quests with some minor missions added. The characters are notably deepened with the help of sharply written jokes and stings (golden age Hollywood movie script is what makes the game distinct), and much more blood they can spill.

The first person perspective adds to the violence of the series, making combat mode dizzying for sensitive gamers. Blood, sweat, and sunbeams on the characters’ skin have never been more real. Driving is also a great part of the game now, as you’re doing everything on your own, and the physics of it all is not so easy to grab, much like in the real world.

Multiplayer experience is something not so fully realized, though. Due to numerous glitches and crashes, it’s not easy to follow the course of the game and keep the pace with other players. You can import your characters from the previous version of the game, and even get some exclusive content for your loyalty to GTA franchise.

Controls 5/5

GTA V controls are hugely smoothened with the help of new tools and animations added to the game. The combinations of actions look as casual and natural as ever, and the people of Los Santos no longer seem like puppets, each of them living a life full of its unique ups and downs.

You may want to learn the basics of shooting and driving once more, as the first person mode breaks the usual ways. Real-life mechanics take away your sense of security. Still, if it gets too stressful, you can always set the preferences to switch automatically to the third-person mode when entering combat.

Some minor scenery bugs are still here. For example, you can’t withdraw your gun and shoot before you’re said to do so, even if there’s an excellent chance to complete the mission earlier. But you can regard it as a part of GTA endless charm, something that stays the same despite all the polish.

Replay Value 5/5

In the case of GTA games replay value has always been out of the question. Probably, the gamers who bought Grand Theft Auto V on their PS4 know the missions of the game very well but cannot resist the immersion into the flamboyant and cruel world of Los Santos. And even if you know all the quests by heart, driving through the streets and admiring cityscapes is still a peerless experience.

Graphics 5/5

Grand Theft Auto V is a work of graphical art with vivid landscapes and emotions on the characters’ faces. The resolution has been increased to 1080p to enrich the textures and deepen the animations. The tiniest background details are shimmering with life.

Sound 5/5

The game is renown for its cinematic qualities, so its sound characteristics have been perfect from the start. Find a set of ideal ambiance sounds, mix it with outstanding voice acting and add 162 songs by artists of all genres on 17 radio stations and you get the closest thing to life itself.



Grand Theft Auto V is an essential experience for several generations of gamers, and its creators try to use different platforms releases to the maximum. The world of Los Santos reveals its secrets to PS4 player in the richest and original language action games can offer. Switching to the first-person mode adds thrill and violence as well as makes the controls more nuanced and adjusted. Graphics and sound have never been more persuasive, and new dialogues and jokes keep up with the perfection set by previous writers. Although multiplayer mode seems to work more like a LITE version of the game and demands some significant upgrades, it is still a nice try for an action giant like this to go online. Whether it’s your first encounter with Grand Theft Auto world or you’re replaying the same game, it will stay with you for long.

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Grand Theft Auto V

5 / 5
Author: Rockstar Games
Publish Date: 2014-11-18
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