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The description of Fortnite

Fortnite is the game that has become the phenomenon of 2017 and is now released on mobile devices. This game is distributed on many platforms. In the App Store, you can download Fortnite for iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, 2018 and Pro.

In the mobile version, you can participate in the Royal Battle for a place to become the first among hundreds of players like you.

Gameplay 5/5

Your task is to take first place in the battle with 100 other players. Choose a point on the map where you want to parachute. Collect supplies, pick up weapons, shoot at enemies, build defenses, towers and move around in vehicles. Most importantly, stay away from the confines of the safe zone. Borders are constantly being reduced, and behind them only death awaits you. If you do not want to fight alone, then choose to compete a duo or a team of 4 people.

Playing on a team, on the one hand, is somewhat more difficult, but at the same time more interesting. You need to know exactly where it is better to land so that everyone has enough weapons and supplies. Trees, stones, buildings and all visible objects of the environment can be destroyed. Make your way inside the buildings, as there you can find chests with good weapons and special amplifiers. Developers listen to players' complaints about gameplay issues. They constantly release game updates that change both environmental errors and help players with convenient controls and gameplay. In addition to working with feedback, developers constantly delight players with seasonal events.

Controls 4/5

In the mobile version, the character is controlled using virtual buttons on the touch screen. On the left side of the screen, there is a virtual joystick to move your character. Scrolling on the right side of the screen causes your character to turn the camera or control the target, and pressing anywhere will fire a pistol shot. When you run, the right side of the screen also includes several other virtual buttons: one for jumping, the other forcing you to move slower and quieter. Lightly tapping on the screen, you can change the weapon on the subject of a backpack at the bottom of the screen or expand the full review of the bag by clicking the button on the left.

There is also an icon next to it to switch to construction mode. Tap on it you will see the various elements that need to be built. You can change the material from which the figure will be made, and the button in the upper right corner will allow you to rotate it. There is also an icon that allows you to edit drawings, add doors, windows or other pieces. Clicked on the right side of the screen — construction will begin. Take the time to learn to quickly learn the buttons.

Replay value 4,5/5

You can play this game as long as you do not get bored. Especially if you're good at pvp.

Graphics 5/5

Graphics is not inferior to the computer. The game takes 2 GB of free space. The style in which Fortnight is painted may not please everyone, since the game looks less realistic and more cartoony compared to the same mobile version of PGG.

Sound 5/5

Sounds are an important element of survival in this game. There is no background music in this game, so be sure to tune in to listen to the steps. Epic Games encoded the radial sound of Fortnite, and in a few seconds, you can guess the direction and height of other players nearby.

Use this to plan an ambush, and if you want to disguise your own steps, walk or try to walk as slowly as possible.



The game is a good mix of battle royal, the hunger games and construction simulator. Thus, it stands out against the background of many other royal battles appearing on the gaming market in large numbers. The comfort of the game determines only your skill. Microtransactions in the form of buying B-bucks allow you to buy cosmetic decorations for your character. It can be skins, animals, vehicles that can be customized as desired. As well as emotions, dancing, graffiti and more. But all this can be obtained for free, simply by increasing the level of skill in the game. I liked this game, and I would advise this game to anyone who is tired of the same type of Royal Battles. As well as those who want to show their skills, combining accurate shooting, quick response and the ability to analyze the situation during the battle accurately.

Professional Critic
Sean Williams

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5 / 5
Latest Version: 6.10.1
Publish Date: 2018-10-22
Size: 150.3 MB

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