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The Description of Apex Legends

Announced and released by Respawn on the same day, Apex Legends has become a battle royale sensation of 2019. There wasn’t any early access phase, it has been a free-to-play game right from the start, and the microtransactions are there for cosmetic reasons and not just to rob you of your gaming money. The heroes are Legends now, and befriending strangers is the best strategy.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Apex Legends is a battle royale game set in Titanfall universe. Twenty teams of three legends enter one battle set on the picturesque map. The legends you choose from are well-balanced in their diverse abilities: fighting, healing, magic making, etc. The Legends themselves represent certain battle qualities rather than personalities, but the customization abilities are impressive and tend to develop even more.

Teamplay is essential here, as there are no more than three players in each, with their unique fighting qualities. Loyalty, team-strategy and the willingness to risk for the sake of others is what let Apex Legends stand out from battle royale genre. There’s a smart respawn system that allows your teammates to grab your banner and move it to a respawn point to resurrect you. Even if being in a team with strangers makes you uncomfortable, there’s an effective ping system that lets you communicate without using your voice.

Besides teamplay and Legends, Apex Legends is a common battle royal game with scoop, loot, and murder as its core principles.

Controls 4.5/5

Characters’ movements remind you of a beautiful and violent dance. There’s no other game with choreography so neatly balanced: jumping off cliffs and sliding down hills is a pleasure of its own. But when it comes to ammunition, the game gets tougher: every type of gun feels differently and requires a particular training. Finding right attachments to your weapon sometimes may seem like a built-in quest, and with a small magazine, you will have to spend your bullets very carefully.

Ping system is a perfect invention for a squad-based battle royale game. Pinging means setting the marker on a location or weapon you want your teammates to move to or grab, and two quick pings make an indication of an enemy. Only a few players use talking instead of pinging, although both are available throughout the game. The big con here is the unavailability of muting out the voice chat. There have been a lot of complaints on toxic players recently, so hopefully, Respawn will solve this problem soon.

Replay Value 5/5

Besides all the highest achievements of battle royale genre that Apex Legends tends to accumulate, Respawn has made announcements regarding new maps, cosmetics, and even Legends. The game will surely see seasons and a battle pass, but even in its basic edition, it gets incredibly addictive.

Graphics 5/5

Beautiful Titanfall universe has never been more thoughtfully pictured. The current map is small, but the landscapes it offers will surely take your breath away. Waterfalls, balloons, jungles, and neglected cities will make you appreciate the game for its looks no less than for the gameplay.

Sound 5/5

Apex Legends score is as complex and astonishing as the universe the game is set in. The music gradually deepens all the critical moments of the game like entering combats or tracking down the enemy. The sound of every footstep is distinct and keeps you intent.



Apex Legends is a battle royale genre reaching its perfection. With eight amazingly built characters open for customization, a colorful world with unique magical physics, and thoughtful teamwork it will quickly become your next favorite multiplayer. Respawn took everything great about the likes of last year’s Fortnite and Call of Duty and polished it up to perfection, so trying to play it at least once is a must if you’re into online gaming. Convenient ping system, smart gunplay, and amazingly depicted fantasy universe will keep you busy for long.

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Karrie Hawkes

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Apex Legends

5 / 5
Author: Electronic Arts Inc
Publish Date: 2019-02-04

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