Our main task is to make reviews of the mobile games for Android and iOS devices: new titles as well as well-known ones. We believe that our goal is to help you to find the best games you may love by following our recommendations and checking the freshest news from the gaming world. This is an opportunity for you to save time on searching for the genre you like. We are willing to spend over 5 000 hours a year searching for games, testing, reviewing and giving you recommendations.


Karrie Hawkes

An executive editor with the sweetest dream to buy her own yacht one day, after defeating everyone in Fortnite Battle Royale World Cup. So, basically, Karrie is a very demanding dreamer who can stay at the office 24 hours a day, drinking coffee and looking crazy. She considers her mobile games addiction as a daily job.

Sean Williams

A content manager with the idea to find hidden sense behind every well-written gameplay and tell about it to everyone. Sean is usually behind many heated discussions in social media. He adores his cat Kitty Poppins and can’t imagine a day without work. So basically, he lives there, checking out newly released games.

Philip Kundert

A coder with the biggest collection of comic books you could only imagine in the wildest dreams. Philip can brag about it for hours. The truth is no one has ever seen it. But we believe him anyway. He can’t pick one of his favorite mobile games as he thinks it is unfair to others. His favorite genre is a Sandbox RPG.

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